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How to Place a Bid

Property advertising

All properties of Broxtowe Borough Council will be advertised on the Homesearch website. 


Our adverts will show you:

  • The landlord
  • The location (a map is available on the website) - we will not advertise the house number as some properties are still occupied during the letting cycle
  • The property type and size
  • The rent
  • Details of any disabled adaptations such as stair-lift, flat floor shower if known
  • If the property is a new build

Various symbols are used to tell you about the property, some examples are below



The number of bedrooms in the property



The property advertised is designated retirement living or sheltered housing



The minimum or maximum age that an applicant must be to apply for the property (age restriction will be displayed within the icon when viewed on the Property website or the Newsletter)



  The property has a garden



Off road parking is available at the property



The property is wheelchair accessible or has been adapted and priority will be given to households assessed as needing these adaptations.

Bidding for a property (also known as 'expressing an interest')

If you want to be considered for a property you must bid for it. This is your way of telling us that you would like to live in the property. You can place a bid 24 hours a day during the bidding cycle, using the website.

You should think carefully before placing a bid, to make sure that the property is right for you i.e. the type of property and location are what you are looking for and that it meets the needs of all your family members. This is because we do not want you to waste your time in placing bids or viewing properties that are not ideally suited to you. This will also help us to provide a more efficient service to you.

You can place bids via the Homesearch website and also via the mobile site.